Who are we?

“U_ma_mi” ~ The fifth flavor discovered by Japanese Chemist, Kikunae Ikeda 1908

Umami, Gastronomic Beer originated from a debate between a chef (and brewer) and a sommelier. The chef had created a dish which was high in Umami and the sommelier tried to match a wine with it. And even though the sommelier was highly skilled, he found it difficult to pair a wine with the dish. After wine number three and still not agreeing on the beverage pairing, they dropped the debate.

~”Can be described as long-lasting, mouth-watering and coating sensation over the tongue”

The next day after giving it some thought the error was recognized. They should have been looking in a broader perspective. There was a great range of products available, from coffee and tea, to beers, and homemade beverages and cocktails that they could choose from. Yet they limited themselves to one group of all, therefore robbing themselves of their freedom of choice. Therefore we thought it would be a great idea to broaden the choice of beer, for pairings with food.

“Umai” ~ very good (To express something or someone is very good)

Logically we focus on what we do and do best, which is Gastronomic Beers. The best nature provides us is incorporated into our beers like any chef looks to incorporate every season into his dish. We do not care much for rules like a Reinheitsgebot as this would limit our creativity. We exclusively focus on flavor and aroma and if that means incorporating various products into the beer we will do it.

“Mi”~ Taste (The sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance)

Our aim is to provide a range of beers which can facilitate in the thirst quenching needs from aperitif to digestif and the beverage pairing of every course in between. Therefore we chose a label with all the needed information displayed like food-pairing, beer aging and serving temperature. We make no concessions in quality. From the sixteen tests last year, three made the cut and are produced for everyone to enjoy. If you are interested in what is still in development you can check the column: ‘whats in te barrel’. The Liquid deliciousness that made it, you can find in our webshop.